We know how to best leverage ongoing value for money and commercial outcomes for transport planning projects in a stimulated Queensland economy. The following projects outline our capabilities across a wide range of transport disciplines:

Main Road andKessels Road Intersection Upgrade Business Case and Preliminary Design

Ipswich Motorway (Darra to Rocklea) Upgrade – Preliminary Design and Business Case Development

Ipswich to Springfield Public Transport Corridor Study

Clifford Street (Margaret Street to Russell Street) –Toowoomba Regional Council, Toowoomba

Connecting SEQ 2031

TMR Road Maintenance and Performance Contract – Oakey District, Toowoomba Regional Council

Maroochydore Bus Station Project – TransLink, Maroochydore

Shaping Up Guidelines

Mains/Kessels intersection upgrade (Brisbane)

TransGroup lead and managed the significant infrastructure project business case for the $300m Mains Road and Kessels Road Intersection which was funded 100% by the Commonwealth Government.

TransGroup project managed the business case development including engaging and managing the planning consultants, GHD. TransGroup’s role in the business case required working with and coordinating multi-disciplinary teams such as survey, pavement, geotechnical, structural, hydraulic, environmental and communications. In particular, TransGroup engaged and managed communication consultants Rowlands, who consulted with various project stakeholders, including local, state and federal politicians, residents and business/property owners.

The establishment of the project Business Stakeholder Reference Group was instrumental in successfully meeting the expectations of the project and businesses. Following this, TransGroup prepared and submitted the Project Proposal Report (PPR) to the Federal Government; securing the funding that was needed to deliver the project.

TransGroup also prepared the handover documentation for Mains/Kessels project (OnQ) and provided technical advice during the initial preconstruction activities including resumptions; community consultation; PUP investigations; and geotechnical/contaminated land investigations to ensure a streamline delivery. TransGroup also prepared the Benefit Realisation Plan and Transition Plan to handover to TMR’s Major Infrastructure Projects unit.

The Mains/Kessels project was a double Early Contractor Involvement (dECI) delivery method with a D&C contract with the main Contractor. Construction was completed in 2014. The Regional Director (Metropolitan Region) nominated the project for TMR Excellence Awards for project management and consultation.


TMR Road Maintenance and Performance Contract – Oakey District, Toowoomba Regional Council

TransGroup undertook quality management, reporting and program development on the $450K TMR Road Maintenance and Performance Contract. As part of this role, TransGroup developed works programs dependent on intervention levels and available funding. TransGroup also procured services for significant additional works. This was a profitable contract with significant additional works funded ($2.5M).
Client Description: Clifford Street (Margaret St to Russell St) – Toowoomba Regional Council.
Location: Toowoomba, QLD.
Services relevant to Qld. Government needs: Quality Management, Reporting, and Program Development.
Role performed in engagement: Site Engineer responsible for implementation of quality management system, developing a works program, reporting on progress and managing on site project safety. Chairing progress meetings.
Project Scale/Complexity (value, team size, duration): Complex inner city project, $4.5M.
Outcome and Results of the Project: Project delivered on time and within budget.

Ipswich to Springfield Public Transport Corridor Study

The Queensland Government conducted a study for future transport options, infrastructure and services between Ipswich and Springfield.

TransGroup project managed the Review of Environmental Factors for options to determine a preferred corridor option. This stage also looked at a preferred public transport mode where heavy rail was recommended as the reference project for the Environmental Impact Statement stage.
And other rail projects including:

  • Caboolture to Landsborough Rail Upgrade
  • Robina to Tugun Rail Corridor

Ipswich Motorway (Darra to Rocklea) Upgrade – Preliminary Design and Business Case Development

TransGroup project managed the Preliminary Evaluation and Business case to seek $2.8Bfor upgrading this 7km of urban motorway as part of the national road network. This was the highest value single transport infrastructure project being developed in Queensland at that time. The outcome was a staged construction programme to meet traffic demand over 10-20 years and beyond.

Shaping Up Guidelines

TransGroup provided project management services and was lead for the development of the Shaping Up guidelines, which was a companion document to and Signature Project of the Integrated Regional Transport Plan (IRTP) for South East Queensland. The guidelines have been well used and promote sustainable development to assist Local Government Areas and developers in the design of new and redeveloped areas to reduce vehicle trips, support public transport and increase the attractiveness of walking and cycling. Shaping Up received a merit award from the Planning Institute of Australia.

PDF file for Shaping Up Guidelines

Connecting SEQ 2031

Connecting SEQ 2031 is a comprehensive far-reaching transport planningdocument. It established a transport planning and policy document to support the South East Regional Queensland Plan 2009 – 2031.

Connecting SEQ 2031 includes a multi-modal plan and policy response for public transport, active transport, private vehicles and freight. This plan will guide the prioritisation of available funds to deliver maximum benefits across the transport system.

TransGroup established a project team and work program, oversaw the strategy development, planning and consultation phases, and coordinated drafting of public exposure and final documents. Travel demand management and car parking policies were developed to support the investment strategy. There was a major public consultation phase, and state cabinet approved the final plan in August 2011.
PDF file for Connecting Seq 2031

Maroochydore Bus Station Project – TransLink, Maroochydore

TransGroup project managed the 2 year Maroochydore Bus Station project valued at $8.3M and was the TransLink Design and Construction Manager. TransGroup delivered a distilled design and construction of Maroochydore Bus Station.

Ipswich Motorway (Rocklea to Darra)

TransGroup has a strong reputation to manage complex project development, particularly with Department of Transport and Main Roads. TransGroup has project managed this complex project from Preliminary Evaluation through to Business Case phase recommending preferred upgrade masterplan ($2.6B) and staging. Due to affordability issues, the project was further segmented to suit available funds – this was a complex exercise given the operations on this high traffic volume urban motorway with many on and off ramps. The project was approved for $400m funding at 50:50 (Federal:State) funding arrangements for Stage 1 with minimal redundancy to the masterplan. This was a successful outcome through the Project Assurance Framework (PAF) Gates 1 to 5 and the successful contractor is now on site delivering the project by 2020.

Willowbank Industrial Precinct Stage 1

TransGroup has been appointed as part time Project Manager by the Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning (DSDMIP), Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) to deliver the Willowbank Industrial Precinct (WIP) Stage 1 Project (50Ha). The Willowbank Industrial Area (560Ha) is strategically located at SEQ’s western inter-state road freight gateway. The ability of businesses locating at Willowbank to ‘plug-in’ to the western gateway of the SEQ freight network represents a major transport and logistics advantage for both freight reliant manufacturers and transport and logistics operations.

TransGroup is responsible for delivering the business case (PAF Gate 3) to release funds from the State Infrastructure Plan; lead and manage Infrastructure Agreements with service providers (QUU, APA Gas, NBN, Energex and also DTMR); determine delivery methods for all elements of infrastructure; successfully proceed through Gate 4 and 5 and construction. TransGroup has brought 34 years of experience and expertise, predominantly gained through the DTMR, to assist DSDMIP and transfer their wealth of knowledge to compliment EDQs experience and processes. This is working very successfully and EDQ are very happy with progress of WIP Stage 1. The current program is to complete Stage 1 by 2020.

SEQ Water Grid

TransGroup was commissioned by DTMR to be their Interface Manager working with the SEQ Water Grid Delivery Alliances to ensure the water/transport infrastructure interfaces were managed well with the DTMR Metropolitan Region and the project could meet its statutory delivery deadline. TransGroup received a letter, together with Regional Director Metropolitan Region, personal congratulations from the Deputy Coordinator General and thank you for the work we did to help the State Government meets its deadlines. This was a very complex project to be delivered in a tight timeframe.

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